Savernake X BBQ Basecamp Knives – 5 Piece Maestro Set




The final word in BBQ blades! A set of knives designed to take you through every step of your barbecue routine; from slicing your steaks, boning your lamb and spatchcocking your chicken – through prepping your salsa and slicing the token piece of lettuce – on to dismembering your whole roasted birds, carving your succulent brisket and breaking down you burnt ends – the Pit Maestro has you covered.

Supplied with a beautiful 4 pocket leather knife storage roll | wrap & leather cleaver sheath – to give you knives the home they deserve

1 No. 12cm Boner Knife
1 No. 12cm Utility Knife
1 No. 21cm Chef’s Knife
1 No. 29cm Butcher’s Knife
1 No. 20cm Cleaver
Inc. Leather Storage Roll & Sheath
Denim & White Micarta Thermoset-Resin Handles